'Gotham' Recap Season 4, Episode 11 - 'Queen Takes Knight'

This winter finale of Gotham focused mainly on the war between Sofia and Penguin. We get a few glimpses about what is going on with Bruce, Riddler, and Grundy – but the crux of the episode deals with the feud that has been building all season.

Main story arc – “No one gets to decide who lives and dies in Gotham”:

We pick up this week right where we left off last episode. Sofia’s team of misfits makes the first move and attacks the Iceberg Lounge trying to find Penguin, who is out gathering support from criminal gangs across the city. Sofia gets an urgent call and returns home to see her father, Carmine Falcone, who has come back to Gotham. Carmine chastises her for her behavior, especially for her relations with Jim – which come as quite a surprise to Barbara & co. as well. It turns out the Carmine is in Gotham because Penguin reached out to him, which was a strong move on his part.

In the meantime, Jim is back on the hunt for Pyg/Lazlo. Jim and the GCPD believe that Lazlo has taken the face of another person to hide his identity once again and left Gotham. Jim heads to GCPD where he gets news of the meeting between Penguin and Sofia at the bridge the night before. He realizes that the war between Sofia and Penguin needed to be GCPD’s focus and they would have to deal with Lazlo later. Jim goes to Sofia’s house to check in on her, but Carmine meets him out front. Carmine tells Jim that he made a deal with Penguin – if Carmine takes Sofia out of Gotham that day, Penguin won’t kill her. Carmine then leaves Jim with an ominous message foreshadowing something terrible that Jim has brought upon his city. Just as Carmine and Sofia are about to leave Gotham, a van pulls up in front of the house with a gunman that shoots and kills Carmine and shoots Sofia.

At Carmine’s funeral Jim approaches Sofia, who does not want to see him. She tells Jim that Penguin did this to her father and Jim needs to bring Penguin to justice, with evidence or without. Zsasz is also broken up about Carmine’s death. He leaves a bullet in Carmine’s casket and then storms out, ignoring Penguin’s request that he stays. Harvey attends the funeral as well and asks Jim why Penguin hasn’t been arrested. Harvey tells Jim that deciding to go after Penguin months ago set in motion all of the events that led them to this point – so this is all on Jim and that it is time he finished what he started. Penguin threatens Sofia at the funeral, but Jim interjects and removes her from the situation.

After the funeral, Penguin goes to the GCPD and demands that Jim hands over Sofia. Jim tells him that isn’t going to happen and that Jim and the GCPD will uphold the law. Penguin tries to bribe the other GCPD officers, but that time is long gone – they all respect Jim and the badge again. Jim sends the GCPD to crack down on criminals and a few gunfights ensue, but the might of the GCPD leaves them victorious. These are just a few battles and not the war though. Sofia goes to the GCPD and pressures Jim to go directly after Penguin. Jim lets her know that while Penguin is using proxies and not committing illegal acts himself, he is safe. Sofia tells Jim about Martin and how Penguin ‘killed’ him. Jim goes to arrest Penguin for the crime, causing Penguin to burst out laughing and tell Jim the boy is alive and it was all a setup. In a twisted turn of events, Zsasz tells Jim that Penguin did kill Martin and he would testify to that, causing Jim to carry out the arrest.

Zsasz goes to visit Sofia and pledges his allegiance to her. Zsasz switching sides is a huge blow to Penguin. Zsasz was a powerful ally that provided a lot of legitimacy and firepower to Penguin’s operation. Sofia holds true to her word and gives Barbara & co. the club back – Penguin sure as hell won’t need it anymore. Jim decides to visit Sofia to ask her not to try and take control of the criminals of Gotham. Sofia holds on to the idea that that was their deal – Jim would be the law and she would be the order. Jim warns her that if she does this, he would have to come after her. Sofia instead decides to give Jim a proposal of her own. To make sure Jim is listening, she has Lazlo – YES, Lazlo! – hold Jim at gunpoint. It turns out that Sofia hired Lazlo to come to Gotham as part of her plan, and Lazlo created the Pyg persona to do so. The truth comes out about Carmine – Sofia was indeed behind the murder. Jim quickly knocks the gun away from Lazlo and begins hitting him, proclaiming that he will arrest him and have him rot in prison. Unfortunately Jim’s plan gets slightly derailed when Sofia puts a bullet into Lazlo’s head.

Sofia tells Jim that if he arrests sure she will talk and let everyone know about all the transgressions that have happened since Jim visited the Falcone’s mansion asking for help. The other option is to not arrest her and continue on living the lie, but not losing the GCPD and Gotham. Jim takes the latter option. He goes back to the GCPD and runs into Harvey who has left his badge and gun on Jim’s desk, effectively quitting the department. We end the episode with Penguin in prison screaming about how he well get his revenge on everyone that crossed him. Luckily for Penguin, it turns out his cell is right next to Joker’s and Joker thinks the two of them can help each other out.

My thoughts:

Sofia is clearly a master manipulator and I think it was pretty clear that she was the one behind her father’s death from the get-go. I am a little disappointed that Jim never realized that. I am also disappointed with the end of the Pyg saga. He was such a great villain that deserved a better end then being shot in the head by Sofia when he wasn’t looking. The combination of Penguin and Joker will be a formidable one as both of them are out of their minds, I am definitely looking forward to seeing what trouble the two of them will cause. 

Side stories:

Bruce story arc – “There is a mess in the Rolls, you’ll need a bucket:

Bruce is back! He is continuing his party boy lifestyle, much to Alfred’s dismay. Alfred wants to employ a project he has dubbed “Operation Save Bruce Wayne.” He wants to take Bruce to Switzerland for a few months in the Alps. Bruce has been partying and enjoying life in order to run away from his problems and from his pain. Bruce refuses to join Alfred, leading to the two of them exchanging blows. Alfred gets the best of Bruce, even after Bruce tries to take a cheap shot – leading to Bruce storming out of the room.

Bruce comes back later and Alfred vehemently apologizes. Bruce has something else in mind, and has gone to his lawyer to draw up emancipation papers. He asks Alfred to sign, which would lead to him not being Bruce’s legal guardian anymore. Alfred refuses to sign the papers. Bruce tells him it doesn’t matter if he signs or not. If Alfred is still there when he gets back, he will go to the Police and show them the bruise on his face.

My thoughts:

Bruce has been a little punk for a lot of the season now, but firing Alfred is a terrible new low. I had such strong hope that we were finally well on our way to the Dark Knight – and all signs were pointing in that direction. I did not expect such a huge step back.

Grundy and Riddler story arc – “What pretty lady want?”:

We get a glimpse of the nonsense going on in Ed’s mind. He is arguing with the Riddler in the mirror, who accuses him of being in love with Lee Thompkins. Grundy interrupts the argument, and Ed decides to step outside for some fresh air. While Ed is gone, Grundy gets knocked out by Tabitha, who did promise she would come back for him. Tabitha tries to get Grundy to remember her – nicely at first, and then a little more sinisterly. Tabitha gives up for the time being. As she is gone, Grundy wakes up, sees his reflection, and we hear Butch wonder aloud what the hell happened to him.

My thoughts: 

Riddler being back will definitely be a treat. The dumb Ed story was hilarious and well done, but it’s about time we get to see Riddler at full strength again. This may bode poorly for Lee however. All of the women that Ed loves seem to suffer a poor fate once the Riddler is back in the picture. I am not sure what will happen with Grundy/Butch’s character. Will he have Grundy’s ability to not feel pain – being dead and all – but Butch’s memories or will he keep going back and forth? I guess only time will tell.  

This spring on Gotham:

Joker, Penuin, Riddler, Ivy, Sofia – all hell is going to break loose in Gotham this spring. Harvey holding Jim at gunpoint!? Sofia torturing Lee!? And was that a Batman silhouette? I really wish we didn’t have to wait months for the fun to keep going!