'Gotham' Recap Season 4, Episode 10 - 'Things That Go Boom'

This week’s episode has betrayals, revelations, kidnappings and another episode with no Bruce Wayne! Good thing Gotham is filled with plenty of delightful characters that can keep us entertained. 

Jim Story arc featuring Professor Pyg– “Jim, I’m a reflection of you”:

We begin this week’s episode in good ole Arkham Asylum where Pyg is introducing a little culture and class by playing classical music. Not all the patients are fans of the music choice, but Pyg quickly gets them in order.

Back at GCPD, Lucius shows Jim x-rays of Pyg’s face and lets him know that Pyg has undergone numerous surgeries including having titanium plates grafted on his face. All of these surgeries have led to Pyg’s appearance changing significantly. Jim wants Lucius to try and work backwards and see if he can construct an image of what Pyg used to look like before all of the work was done.
Sofia comes to visit Jim at the precinct and tells Jim that she wants to be with him and is planning on removing Penguin from the picture. Much to her dismay, Jim once again shoots her down. Every time he has done this in the past, she still somehow manages to get him interested again, so we will see how long it lasts this time.

Jim goes to visit Pyg at Arkham and Pyg is delighted to see him. Jim tries some mind games on Pyg, telling him that no one remembers him or cares about him anymore. As Jim turns to leave, Pyg demands that he stops in a completely different accent (a Southern one) – giving Jim a glimpse at who he really is. Jim heads back to GCPD and Lucius shows him the finished sketch of what Pyg originally looked like. Jim asks him to send it nationwide, but starting with the South.

Lucius gets a hit from the picture of Pyg. His real name is Lazlo Valentine and he was being held for murder in the South, but Lazlo did not have a Pyg persona and did not target Police officers. Lazlo managed to escape from captivity in the prison he was in and Jim is worried he will do the same at Arkham, so he races to make sure that Pyg is still in his cozy cell. When Jim gets there, he sees that he is too late and Pyg is back in the wild.  

My thoughts: It’s interesting that Pyg tells Jim that they are a reflection of each other and Sofia tells Jim that they are the same. Jim definitely has his demons, and we’ve seen them come out at times – but he has been able to control them. In recent seasons Jim has rediscovered himself and has been much more pure of heart. Pyg getting out of Arkham is great for us viewers, I am looking forward to his continued antics.

Lee story arc – “I want you cleared out of the Narrows by the end of the day“:

We get a glimpse at Lee as the new head hancho, taking Cherry’s place. She has created a court and is serving as a pseudo judge presiding over a case with Grundy and Nygma at her side. A man comes barging in warning Lee that someone named Sampson has attacked her turf. Nygma suggests sending Grundy to solve her problems, but Lynn wants to try and handle the situation civilly.

Lee goes to visit Sampson to try and come to a deal. Sampson lets her know that he is not negotiating, he is planning on taking everything from her. Sampson is clearly sick and Lynn uses that to her advantage. They finally agree that Sampson will take 30% of the fight night money to leave Lynn’s territory alone. Lynn goes back to her clinic to see it wrecked. Clearly Sampson did not honor their agreement.

Lee poisons Sampson and she offers to give him the antidote, only if he and his men leave the Narrows by the end of the day. Sampson quickly agrees, he didn’t have too much time not to. Lee tells Nygma that there is nothing wrong with him physically. His issue is all psychological. Nygma is in the bathroom, and just as he did the first time we met Riddler, sees Riddler behind him in the mirror.

My thoughts: It looks like Riddler is finally back! That is not good news for Penguin, who already has his hands full. I also wonder what this means for Grundy, but I’m assuming Riddler will keep want to keep him around. This new badass Lee has been a great addition to the show. I know we’re all anxiously waiting for Jim and her to cross paths.

Penguin story arc – “You wanted a war, you got one“:

Penguin is waiting for Sofia at her house with Zsasz. After Martin let Penguin know that Sofia and Jim were kissing at the previous episode, Penguin realized that Sofia is indeed his enemy and he is on a mission to make her pay. Penguin has discovered that Jim went down South right before Sofia arrived in Gotham – he believes that this was the beginning of the two of them plotting against him. Penguin has brought in ‘the dentist’ to torture Sofia and find out her plan.

After a brief oral exam, the dentist prepares to begin the procedure. Sofia spouts some intimate knowledge of the Dentist and his family, causing him to pause. Sofia lets the Dentist know that if anything happens to her, his family will be killed. The Dentist lets Sofia go, and Sofia – the master manipulator – strikes again. As Sofia walks out of the house, she gets kidnapped by Selina, Barbara, and Tabitha.

Penguin is celebrating taking down Sofia with Martin. He tells the boy that he can be the heir to his throne. Martin admits to Penguin that Sofia told him to spill the beans about kissing Jim. Penguin realizes that this must mean Sofia knew how he would respond and is planning something. Right at that moment, Barbara calls and lets him know that they have Sofia. If Penguin agrees to let Barbara & co. operate autonomously, they will return Sofia to him. Penguin sends Zsasz to take care of the problem and Zsasz uses a rocket launcher to blow up the gun shop, but not before the four ladies escape. They hatch up a plan that involves Sofia using Jim and Barbara & co kidnapping Martin to try and get to Penguin.

Sofia goes to visit Jim asking him to take down Penguin. Jim realizes that her plan was to pit him and Penguin against each other and start a war between them (which a certain someone may have hypothesized in a Gotham recap a few weeks ago). Jim instead decides to visit Penguin to make a deal. Jim wants to put Sofia on a train out of town, but wants guarantees from Penguin that he will not get involved. Penguin agrees to let Jim handle the situation. I don’t see why Sofia couldn’t just take a train back to Gotham, but that’s neither here nor there.

As Sofia is leaving town, she tells Jim that they are the same and both want power. She believes that Jim is just sending her away because it is easier for himself. Jim doesn’t let that phase him and puts Sofia on a train home with a Police escort. On the train, Zsasz comes, demanding to know where Martin is. Sofia tells him that Penguin should meet her under the Crown Point Bridge in an hour. Zsasz lets Sofia go, and delivers the message to Penguin.

Penguin and Zsasz go to meet Sofia and Barbara & co under the bridge. Sofia demands that Penguin pass control of the underworld to her or she will kill Martin. Penguin submits and Sofia allows Martin to go to Penguin, who tells him to wait in the car. Penguin blows up the car and Martin so Sofia cannot use him as a pawn against Penguin anymore. A firefight ensues, but all the major players manage to get away unscathed. Shortly after the fight, we find out that Penguin had a trick up his sleeve, and did not kill Martin – instead he has Zsasz take him to a safe location. Zsasz wants Penguin to let him stay and go after Sofia while she is on her heels instead of taking Martin – but Penguin ensures him that he has a plan for Sofia.  

Barbara & co go back to Sofia’s house to try and sort through the mess. Sofia wants to attack Penguin immediately, while the others think she is crazy and want to cut her loose. Sofia lets them know if they desert her, they will never get a piece of Gotham when she is in charge – but who really knows if that day will ever come?

My thoughts: After weeks and weeks of Penguin going back and forth on whether he can trust Sofia or not, the game is finally over. Or you could say it has finally started. Either way, no more speculating, no more guessing. It’s time to go to all-out war. We got a glimpse at how dark Sofia can be when she was threatening Martin’s life, something I did not expect. I think Sofia has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, and let’s be honest – we really don’t know anything about her or what she is capable of.

Next weeks on Gotham:

Next week is the fall finale! You know that the episode will be wild, but it also means we’re going to have wait some time before we get our weekly Gotham fix back. It looks like we’ll get to see Bruce and Alfred exchange blows. Joker is back?!? A war is brewing. Man oh man will we be in for a treat!