'Euphoria' Trailer: Alicia Vikander & Eva Green Are Sisters On A Mysterious Journey

It's good to see that as Alicia Vikander has grown into a superstar Hollywood actress, leading her own blockbusters like the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, she hasn't forgotten where she comes from. Vikander has formed quite the working relationship with Swedish director Lisa Langeth, starring in two of her films, Pure and Hotell. She may be a bigger name than ever, but Vikander is still returning to head up Langeth's latest, Euphoria, in which she gets to star opposite Eva Green.

The irresistible pairing of Vikander and Green should be enough to get audiences to buy a ticket for a film that has euthanasia as a major plot point. Most movies try to keep that detail secret (like Million Dollar Baby did) and there has been a quiet attempt to do so here, with the teasers focusing solely on the reunion between two estranged sisters at a mysterious European retreat. I think they all but give it away in this latest trailer, but at least the circumstances around it still remain a mystery, and I won't be giving them away.

Also starring Charlotte Rampling and Charles Dance, Euphoria still awaits a U.S. release date but rest assured that it will get one.