Elle Fanning To Play Patty Hearst In James Mangold's Biopic

Following the tremendous response to Logan, director James Mangold has been busy lining up new projects. While he's apparently working on an X-23 spinoff movie, when that could happen will largely depend on his schedule that is getting more crowded by the week. And now he's added one more that will definitely be a priority because of the big star attached.

Mangold will direct a movie about kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst, with Elle Fanning set to star. The film will document Hearst's 1974 abduction by the Symbionese Liberation Army, only for her to turn around and join the group that had been holding her captive. The film is based on Jeffrey Toobin's book, "American Heiress".

No word on when this will shoot but you can bet Fox 2000 will want to move quickly on this with a busy star like Fanning on board.  [THR]