Box Office: 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Rules With $450M Worldwide

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (review)- $220M
The Force was strong with...oh Hell, everybody is probably starting off their box office analysis with that opening line.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi blasted off with an incredible $220M domestic and $450M worldwide. The U.S. haul is the second biggest opening weekend ever, just behind, you guessed it, Star Wars: The Force Awakens' $247M. As great as that number is, it's actually the first Star Wars movie (trilogies only) to open smaller than its predecessor. Kinda wild.  Dammit, obviously we need to blame that mediocre Rotten Tomatoes audience score for such a disappointing debut.  Let's be honest, that score is from people who are upset the film doesn't go exactly as they wanted, not because it was bad. Anyway, I'm expecting a run closer to what Rogue One did last year, even with a few semi-big movies hitting in the next couple of weeks. In other words people will be crowding theaters well into 2018 to see this, which is great for Disney because the next Star Wars movie is only a few months away when Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in May.  That's right, no waiting a year for the next one, folks.
2. Ferdinand (review)- $13.3M
Nobody expected John Cena's muscle to be enough to overcome the Star Wars juggernaut, but even so the $13.3M opening for Ferdinand is disappointing. The animated film about a peaceful bull who refuses to fight is, perhaps, the final project from Blue Sky, the company behind the once-popular Ice Age and Rio franchises. Ironically, it's because their home at 20th Century Fox was just bought up by Disney who already have their own animation studio, plus Pixar, so what's the need for one more? These numbers aren't likely to help the case to keep them around, either.
3. Coco- $10M/$150.8M
4. Wonder- $5.4M/$109.2M
5. Justice League- $4.1M/$219.4M
How much must it suck for Warner Bros. that Star Wars: The Last Jedi surpassed Justice League's $219M total in just one week? Kinda says it all. It now sits at $633M worldwide, though. Disappointing but not a complete disaster.
6. Daddy's Home 2- $3.8M/$96.5M
7. Thor: Ragnarok- $2.9M/$306.3M
8. The Disaster Artist- $2.6M/$12.9M
9. Murder On the Orient Express- $2.4M/$97.2M
10. Lady Bird- $2.1M/$25.9M