Audiences Hated That 'Frozen' Short Ahead Of 'Coco', So Disney Is Pulling It

There was an error at the screening of Pixar's Coco I attended a couple of weeks ago. The lights went down on the packed theater, surprisingly to us, the short film Olaf's Frozen Adventure began to run. It went on for about two minutes before it was shut off. It was only meant for general audiences, not the screening crowd. While there were some groans of disapproval, it turns out we were the lucky ones for being spared.

Disney is pulling the not-so-short Olaf's Frozen Adventure, which clocks in at 21 whopping minutes (!!!), from showing of Coco. There has been an uproar about it for some time because, let's face it, who the f**k wants to sit down for one movie only to be forced to endure 20 minutes of commercials and trailers, followed by 21 minutes of Josh Gad's annoying snowman character from Frozen. I'm surprised their weren't riots and demands for refunds.  Think about that; would you sit through 40 minutes of anything before a movie that wasn't Star Wars or Avengers or something like that? Probably not.

Mashable has confirmed the news, saying the short film will be pulled as of December 8th.  It's such a stupid error for Disney to make. Shorts are fine, and we are accustomed to them ahead of animated movie, but 21 minutes? Why not just turn it into a TV special to air on ABC? Duh.  Or make it part of the Coco home release? People are legit excited for Frozen 2, which opens in 2019, so why annoy them with a stunt like this? Come on Disney, I expect smarter from you.