Wonder Woman Battles Steppenwolf In New 'Justice League' Clip; Batman Motion Poster Released

Officially it's Batman Week for Warner Bros.' Justice League, but let's be honest about something: Ben Affleck is probably on his way out, and audiences REALLY love Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. So despite this being Batman's turn in the hype machine, the first actual clip centers on Wonder Woman as she battles Steppenwolf and a bunch of parademons.

The footage is low quality, recorded from what appears to be Spanish TV, but you can easily see Wonder Woman more than holding her own against Steppenwolf. Eventually she needs to go help Flash (Ezra Miller), whose inexperience has been a big part of the film's marketing, while Cyborg and Batman keep the fight going. Hopefully a better quality version of this clip arrives, and when it does we'll update this post.

And as for Batman, he did get a new motion poster so I guess the day does still belong to him. Justice League opens November 17th.