Trailer For Arrowverse's 'Crisis on Earth-X' Night Two

Last night kickstarted the two-night Crossover event for the Arrowverse with Supergirl and Arrow (on a special night so that the episodes were back to back) showing what was supposed to be the wedding of Barry Allen and his longtime love Iris West.  Everyone from our favorite DC shows were there.  Kara and Alex as well as almost everyone from Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash were there for the festive occasion.

Leave it up to Nazi doppelgangers of our favorite DC heroes to crash the party! 

So far, the crossover event is rivaling last year's "Invasion" storyline with some interesting twists and turns.  Tonight, will be the conclusion of our heroes versus their "Earth-X" counterparts  Take a look at the trailer below.

Of course we here at PDC will have a recap once the corssover is over, so stay tuned!