‘The Gifted’ S1E8 Recap: “Threat Of eXtinction”

Last week on The Gifted, Marcos took a trip to his dark side.  Because his former girlfriend (and now Cartel boss) Carmen helped him with details necessary to rescue Polaris from Sentinel Services’ custody, so she then called in her marker, making him an enforcer for her.  He had to take out one of her rivals’ drug supplies and even though he did not want to do it, by the time it was all said and done, he was actually enjoying the carnage.  This is bound to cause huge friction between him and his girlfriend Polaris.  Meanwhile, John helped Blink discover what happened to the family that had sheltered her.  Thanks to Sentinel Services massacring the family, Blink is on a quest for revenge and agrees to stay with the Mutant Underground.  Reed while going through some stolen files started seriously hating on his daughter dating one of the fellow refugees who used his powers for criminal (more like desperate) means.  Eventually, he decided to give the guy a chance but he also found out that his father was associated with a company doing business with Sentinel Services.

This week was an interesting one.  Reed finally meets up with his father, who he hasn’t seen for many years.  We get to see just what his father was up to and how it not only deals with Trask Industries (the company he worked for and a great X-Men reference), but also his own family history and how it related to the X-gene.  Meanwhile, a new group of refugees came in, only this time one of Sentinel Services’ brainwashed mutants was one of them and the Mutant Underground was attacked by one of their own.

Let’s take a look at a few highlights from this week’s episode “Threat Of eXtinction”


This week’s flashback did not focus on anyone in the Mutant Underground or the Sentinel Services.  Instead, it truly was a blast from the past as we see two dangerous mutants.  A brother and a sister.  We’ll find out who they specifically are later.  One thing’s for sure, they aren’t good like the Mutant Underground or the X-Men.  Hell, they aren’t even as nice as Magneto.  They are more like Apocalypse.  We see that as the two twins hold hands, causing a massive explosion.

The Mutant Underground Welcome a New and Dangerous Mutant:

Because their nature is to help mutants avoid persecution, the Mutant Underground spends a lot of time meeting new refugees to help and escort to safe houses and new lives hidden from Sentinel Services.  By default, they have to be rather trusting of who they let into their small spaces.  Little do they know, this time, it’s not a good idea.

One of the current batch of folks they are helping immediately attacks them.  Turns out she’s one of  Trask Industries’ “Hounds” like John’s friend Pulse.  They barely had any warning by a telepathic mutant before they are overrun by the mutant.  She had Quicksilver/Flash-like speed and easily can outmaneuver and beat most of them.  Thanks to Blink teleporting John above her do they get the drop on her?  Now they have to figure out who she is, and what happened to her.

Caitlin being the resident doctor on site thinks that she’s treatable.  She discovers that whatever Trask did a number on her.  It’s revealed that she was given “Kick” a mutant-based drug that intensifies their powers is what Trask Industries is using to control the mutants in their custody.  And once, they’re hooked, they’re hooked.  The poor mutant ends up succumbing to withdrawal effects of the drug, but not before the telepath is able to read the woman’s mind and tell everyone that there are plenty of mutants that they need to save.

Polaris and Marcos Are Still At Odds:

It’s a no-brainer that Polaris would have a problem with Marcos lying to her about joining the Cartel.  However, after his explanation is given, she’s not satisfied.  She’s not talking to him.  She’s sleeping on the couch.  This seems like it’s going to be an ongoing problem for the two of them, especially because at any moment’s notice Carmen may call Marcos back into action, and he has to oblige.  If Polaris steps in or if Marcos doesn’t go along, then they may have a war not only with the Sentinel Services, but also with the Cartel.

Reed Catches Up With His Father:

Once Reed learns that Trask Industries is in the mix, he realizes that he will have to come face to face with his estranged father.  After all, his father worked there for more than 30 years, he might know a thing or two about the organization.

At first, the two continue their tumultuous relationship.  His father Otto Strucker (guest star Raymond J. Barry) is upset about how distant they are and the fact that he never met his grandkids.  Reed is angry by how his father treated him when he was younger and was always involved in his work.  Otto claims that Trask did nothing nefarious.  Of course, once he learns that his grandkids are mutants, he proceeds to deliver a bombshell to his son.  Otto is a mutant.  He was the child of one of the two mutants from the flashbacks.  He tells his sons that his mother was Andreas von Strucker and along with her brother Andreas make up Fenris.  Fans of Marvel know Fenris as the twin children of Baron von Strucke (a HYDRA agent) who once they held hands, were capable of mass destruction.  It turns out that Fenris also have the same powers that Lauren and Andy had, causing Otto to have great concern.  He tells Reed that he failed.  Here comes another bombshell.  While at Trask Industries, Otto created a serum that got rid of the X-Gene and used it on his son Reed.  Yes, that’s right.  Reed was a mutant but lost his powers.  Now you know this means that he’ll get them back by the end of the season.

With all this going on, Doctor Palmer and Sentinel Services come to Otto’s home thinking that the Mutant Underground would be there as well.  Because he loves his son despite what has happened, he stalls Sentinel Services while Reed and John go and hide.  Palmer also brought Pulse along, who uses his powers to neutrally John powers.  However, it’s not enough to stop Otto’s powers.  To help his son, he uses his power to create a mass amount of energy which causes the house to shake in an explosion.  Otto gets shot by a soldier, but not before he managed to save his son.  Pulse snaps out of the brainwashing just enough to say sorry to John before dying.