'The Final Year' Trailer: Barack Obama And The Countdown To Armageddon

Last week on SNL, Chance the Rapper did a mock Boyz II Men video where he crooned "Come Back, Barack". It wasn't only hilarious but people loved it, viewing the video millions of times and even adding it to their playlists. The reason it connected with people so much is obvious; we have the least popular President ever right now, and there's a longing for the calm that comes with having an actual adult in office. I imagine those who feel that way will have mixed emotions about the new documentary, The Final Year, as it takes an inside look at the final months of Barack Obama's administration

Directed by Greg Barker, the film follows Obama and members of his Cabinet as they race to take care of pressing concerns before Trump undoes everything. I love that it's framed in a ticking clock scenario because we all know the implications of when that time hits zero. It's nice to be reminded of how simple (relatively) things were just a couple of years ago, but on the other hand it's sickening to know what follows. 

Here's the synopsis: THE FINAL YEAR gives a look at the inner workings of the Obama administration as they prepare to establish a legacy upon leaving office after eight years. The film revolves around Obama’s foreign policy team: Secretary of State John Kerry, US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, Deputy National Security Adviser and presidential confidant Ben Rhodes, as well as National Security Adviser Susan Rice and President Obama himself. Over the course of 2016, they travel the world attempting to advance and solidify policies that they believe will define their legacy, promote diplomacy over large-scale military action, and fundamentally alter how the US government confronts questions of war and peace, as they prepare to hand over the machinery of American power to a new administration.

The Final Year opens January 19th 2018.