'Suicide Squad 2' May Be When Dwayne Johnson Debuts As Black Adam

Rather than star as Shazam in a movie based on the DC Comics hero, Dwayne Johnson chose to play his frequent enemy, the antihero Black Adam. He'll be getting a totally separate movie, but as of now we have no information on it; no writer, director, or start date. But we do have an idea of when we'll see Black Adam first appear, and it's in the sequel to Suicide Squad.

The Wrap reports Dwayne Johnson could debut as Black Adam in Suicide Squad 2, and if the plot details are accurate it could be pretty cool. The film would find the team of expendable government assets tracking down a weapon of mass destruction, which turns out to be none other than Black Adam himself, who much like Shazam has the power of multiple ancient gods.

We'll see if this shakes out, so take it as a rumor for now. Gavin O'Connor (The Accountant) is expected to begin filming on Suicide Squad 2 next October.