Rian Johnson Teases His Upcoming 'Star Wars' Trilogy

It's a really good time to be a Star Wars fan right now. I mean, it's always good to be a Star Wars fan, yes even during the dreaded prequels, but there's so much to look forward to that every new bit of information is genuinely exciting. Top of the list of things to anticipate is Rian Johnson's upcoming trilogy, that we're told will deviate from the Skywalker clan that has been the centerpiece since day one. The combination of Johnson and a fresh direction holds a ton of potential, but as Johnson recently stated during a press event in Mexico, it's still very early on...

“Well, we’re gonna have to see. I mean, I’m just in the very beginning of starting to come up with what the new trilogy is going to be. But I can tell you this, what makes me so excited about it, is the idea of doing a new story on the big canvas of three movies in this world. There’s just so much potential and I can’t wait to jump into it."

Johnson is one of the most creative voices around. When we first started this site it was mainly so I could track progress on his movies (He posted here once waaaay back in the day) because I'm obsessed with them. All of them. You can imagine my excitement for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which opens December 15th, and whatever he has planned for the future. I can't wait.