'Pottersville' Trailer: Michael Shannon Is Mistaken For Bigfoot

Michael Shannon in the seemingly random holiday comedy, Pottersville? Er, sure, why not? But how did first-time director Seth Henrikson also get Judy Greer, Christina Hendricks, Ron Perlman, Thomas Lennon, and Ian McShane? There must be more to this movie than this trailer suggests to not only get them, but to get Shannon on board as an exec-producer.

Another question, how is Ron Perlman not the Bigfoot in this scenario? Shannon plays a small-town store owner who is somehow mistaken for Bigfoot, causing local hysteria and a media frenzy. But when an actual monster hunter arrives, Shannon's character must continue pretending to be Bigfoot.

I feel like this is Shannon's Krippendorf's Tribe, and one day this will be airing on broadcast TV and I'll be like, "Shannon was in this????"

Pottersville opens November 10th.