No, David F. Sandberg Hasn't Been Fired From 'Shazam!'

It's this type of thing that would have you believing there's an effort to undermine Warner Bros. and the DCEU, because we simply don't see stuff like this happening to Marvel. Of course, everyone is speculating about the brand's future with Justice League underperforming, and a few days ago a rumor started that Joss Whedon was off of his Batgirl film, a rumor that proved to be incorrect. A story also surfaced that the DCEU was being shelved completely, a bullcrap tale that Shazam director David F. Sandberg replied to personally. Well now Sandberg is back shooting down more rumors with no basis in reality.

A reddit user, and it does seem like most of these rumors are coming from reddit, said that Sandberg had been fired from Shazam for wanting to make it R-rated with "dark and gritty, sexy and violent" elements. That would be utterly ridiculous and contrary to the source material, but also contrary to the direction of the DCEU. And so Sandberg had this to say in response...

 The reality is that Shazam is moving right along with Zachary Levi as the title character and Asher Angel as his alter ego, young Billy Batson. Shooting begins in February and we should see the film in theaters on April 5th 2019.