New 'Justice League' Clips: Steppenwolf Attacks, The World Needs Superman

Justice League is right around the corner, and depending on how you feel about these things there is either too much marketing or not enough. Clearly it's the latter for Warner Bros. who need this film to be a smash on the level of Wonder Woman, in order to keep the positive momentum going. And so they've dropped a bunch of new clips, and while I'm usually hesitant to post footage so close to release these don't seem to be too spoilery.

A whopping seven clips are available now, with most just extensions of scenes that have been in trailers and TV spots. A couple are different, though, like one in which Batman (Ben Affleck) tells Alfred (Jeremy Irons) just how badly the world needs Superman. Don't worry, Bruce, I think he's going to show up just when you need him.  And the fight scene with Steppenwolf gives us the best look at the missile-catching villain yet. Somewhere underneath all of that motion-capture armor is Ciaran Hinds, best known for roles in Munich and Game of Thrones.

Justice League opens November 17th, directed by Zack Snyder with Joss Whedon either on mop-up duty or a full-scale reshoot. Depends on who you ask on what day, honestly. Hopefully a way was found to gel their very distinct styles into something that makes sense. Fingers crossed.