Netflix Fires Kevin Spacey From 'House Of Cards'

This always seemed to be the direction Netflix was going with House of Cards, ever since the sexual misconduct allegations Anthony Rapp made against Kevin Spacey. Just a few days after they put the political drama's sixth and final season on hold, the network has now fired Spacey from the show he has been the central figure of. They have also pulled the Spacey-led Gore Vidal biopic, Gore, which was already in post-production.  Allegations against Spacey have only grown in recent days, including at least one that occurred during House of Cards' production. Oof.

On the other hand, Media Rights Capital says that Spacey is merely "suspended", but ultimately it's a Netflix decision, right? They could outright cancel the show if they want to, and there seems to be a high probability of that happening. However they could be missing out on an opportunity, since the fifth season finale ended with a way to write Spacey's Frank Underwood character out of the series, and for Robin Wright's Claire Underwood to take over as President of the United States.

If Spacey is indeed fired, expect that not to be the end of it. He's an exec-producer who has been there from the very beginning, and he have some say in the matter. At this point I'm thinking House of Cards is done, and maybe it's time to start looking forward to the spinoffs.  [Deadline]