'Lord Of The Rings' TV Series May Be Coming To Amazon

Considering The Lord of the Rings is one of Warner Bros.' most lucrative and beloved properties, the only thing surprising about this news is that we didn't hear of it sooner. According to Variety, early plans are underway for a Lord of the Ring TV series that would air on Amazon. Time to get those Gollum impressions back up to snuff.

Details are slim at this stage, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is said to be taken a very personal interest in its development. That's rare for him, and speaks to not only his love of the franchise but also the potential value in this being a Game of Thrones-level hit.

Thing have not always been peachy keen between Warner Bros. and the Tokien estate, but things seem to have leveled out after a legal dispute was recently settled. And of course, the estate has as much a vested interest ($$$) in keeping that partnership alive. Whatever complaints they may have had towards Peter Jackson's movies, the six movies have earned nearly $6B worldwide and won 18 Academy Awards. Okay The Hobbit trilogy only got 1 victory, but it counts.

As for what the series would cover, that's tough to say. Across six movies Jackson covered a lot of territory, but he also left plenty on the cutting room floor. And there is still a ton of material of Tolkien's that has yet to be touched. If Jackson's not making more movies, then what better way to get those stories out there than on the big screen.

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