Julianne Moore To Play Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem In 'My Life On The Road'

Right now you can find Julianne Moore in two movies: George Clooney's Suburbicon and Todd Haynes' Wonderstruck. Neither of which is likely to put her back on the Academy Awards stage again (How about a nom for Kingsman: The Golden Circle?), but her next film might, especially with Hollywood looking for more stories on real-life female heroes.

Moore is set to play Gloria Steinem in My Life On the Road, based on her memoir adapted by playwright Sara Ruhl. Behind the camera will be Julie Taymor in her first film since 2010's The Temptest. The film will chronicle Steinem's evolution from activist to feminist icon, still very much active today.

Expect a lot of eyes to be on this one. Maybe they'll hold the first screening at the White House? Eh, probably not. [Deadline]