Josh Gad Recruits Daisy Ridley And Luke Evans For Superhero Comedy 'Super-Normal'

Josh Gad is making the most of the connections he's made in his most recent movies by recruiting them to star in his next one. Gad has sold to Netflix the rights to Super-Normal, a superhero comedy that promises to be different from what we normally get from the genre. Joining him in it will be his Murder On the Orient Express co-star Daisy Ridley, and Luke Evans, who he got to horse around with in Beauty and the Beast.

Gad wrote the film along with Aaron and Jordan Kandell, with THR describing it as " a character-driven subversive take on the genre that Hollywood and the rest of the world loves too much.”

Know what that sounds like? Kick-Ass. Or Super. I'm not sure this is the right time to go down that road again, but apparently the idea was strong enough to start a bidding war to obtain it. Even Disney got in on it. I'm surprised they didn't make more of an effort considering how much money they've made off Gad, Ridley, and Evans already.