James Franco Hints At R-Rating For 'Multiple Man' X-Men Spinoff

Unbelievably, at least to me, we're getting James Franco starring in an X-Men movie, as last week he entered talks to play Jamie Madrox in Multiple Man. While details on the film are probably a long ways off, Franco spoke to THR and confirmed his involvement, while also suggesting it could follow in the R-rated footsteps of Deadpool and Logan...

“I don’t know how much I can say. But I will say I am producing and performing in it. It’s early stages. I think probably what I can say is, like anything, there’s a need to develop more.

Our bottom line MO is, how can we push this into new ground? A little bit, but still make it entertaining? [But] what I love about what Simon Kinberg and Fox and the X-Men people have done with Deadpool and Logan — it took a while to get there, maybe 10 years — but they are going to go hard R. And we’re going to take this superhero thing and really just push it into a new genre. So we’re working with Simon Kinberg on an X-Men property.”

While he doesn't say himself that Multiple Man will be R-rated, there's really no other reason to reference Logan and Deadpool. My hope is this means we'll get a dark film noir-esque story that follows Madrox's time as a superhero detective.