Greta Gerwig's 'Lady Bird' Has The Best Rotten Tomatoes Score Ever

Rotten Tomatoes takes a lot of heat for having too much influence, and maybe that's true. But it's also kinda cool to have so many well-regarded critics all putting their two cents in on a movie. And that makes it very tough to have a uniform opinion on anything. Damn near impossible is for anything to achieve a 100% Fresh rating, especially a movie in wide to semi-wide release that may have dozens, if not hundreds, of reviews. And that's what makes the achievement by Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird so extraordinary.

Lady Bird has achieved a 100% rating with 164 reviews. That's crazy. The previous record holder was Toy Story 2 which has 100% and 163 reviews.

So obviously Lady Bird > Toy Story 2, right?

So obviously Lady Bird > EVERYTHING!!!!

Nah, obviously it doesn't work like that, but this is one Hell of a feather in Gerwig's cap, especially for her directorial debut. Talk about setting the bar for yourself super high.