'Gotham' Recap Season 4, Episode 9 - 'Let Them Eat Pie'

This week’s episode is filled with wacky musicals, pie, and relationships being tested. The oven timer just went off, let’s get this dinner party started:

Professor Pyg story arc – “Despite Appearances, I’m Not An Animal”:

This week’s episode begins with Professor Pyg handing out food to the homeless. He has poisoned all of the food, collects the deceased bodies, and is clearly about to do something horrific with them. Pyg calls Jim and lets him know that phase two of his plan is starting, and it will be focused on Gotham’s elite. Jim runs outside to see two dead people dressed in fancy clothes being eaten by pigs, Pyg has removed the organs from them. Jim and Detective Harper get a tip from Luscious Fox that the two bodies had chemicals common in paper creation on them so they head to an abandoned paper plant. Jim finds a recently used smoker and realizes that Pyg has been cooking the organs. Pyg sneaks up behind Harper and kidnaps her.

Pyg goes to Sophia’s fundraiser dressed as the head chef. He changes the menu to feature ‘Gotham Meat Pies’ as the main course. Trust me, they are not as delicious as they sound. Jim puts all the clues together and realizes that Pyg will be crashing Sophia’s party and heads there to try and stop him. Unfortunately Pyg one ups Jim and knocks him out, locking him in a back room with Harper. Harper has a knife hidden on her that Jim uses to try and get out of the room.

Pyg has arranged all the guests of the party around the dinner table and invites them to witness a performance of the ‘Meat Pie Tango.’ Sophia interrupts demanding to know where the orphans are, this rude behavior earns her a sharp cooking tool through her hand. Pyg tells the rich guests surrounding the table that they have been feeding on the poor of Gotham for years, so he is going to make sure they know what these people actually taste like. Pyg threatens to kill Martin which leads to Penguin eating the pie and forcing the rest of the guests to do so as well.

Jim escapes the room and quickly disposes of Pyg’s henchmen. Pyg starts throwing cleavers and knives at Jim, which he expertly dodges. This leads to a super badass cleaver fight between Jim and Pyg, which our fateful hero ends up prevailing in. Jim tells the media that Pyg has been apprehended and that the GCPD kept their promise.

My thoughts: Pyg is as eccentric as ever and he is just an amazing character. He has been a fantastic villain and I am excited that he was apprehended alive so we get more of his antics. The culminating fight between Jim and Pyg delivered a more than satisfying conclusion for the two of them finally facing off.

Jim story arc “If you show them the way, the people will follow”:

Harvey cleans out his desk and gives Jim a piece of parting advice telling him that Jim still doesn’t understand how Gotham works – that the city needs people who will do what is necessary and not those who just want to be a hero. Jim lets Harvey know that he will be welcome back at the GCPD once his leave is up and Harvey scoffs at the idea of being back on the force, watching Jim serve as captain.

My thoughts: I toiled with the thought of leaving this out of this week's recap, but the evolution of Jim and Harvey's relationship has been such an interesting follow. Harvey claims to be done with the GCPD, but will he come to his sense? Is there a chance that Harvey returns as a villain? I sure hope not, but in the crazy world of Gotham, anything can happen. 

Bruce story arc – “Stop Trying To Be My Father And Be My Butler“:

Bruce is acting like a little shithead to Alfred. He is hungover, and rudely demanding things from Alfred – treating him as hired help and not his father figure. Alfred is trying to snap Bruce out of his rut and takes him out to the woods for some bonding time. Alfred tells Bruce about how he met Thomas, Bruce’s father. Alfred lets Bruce know that he can help, but Bruce shrugs this off. He lies to Alfred and ends up taking the car and driving away, leaving Alfred in the woods. Alfred makes it back to the house to see Bruce having a party with his friends. Alfred kicks them out of the house and tries to reach Bruce again. Bruce is once again cold as ice to Alfred, treating him like dirt.

My thoughts: Bruce's downfall has been shockingly quick. I know that he will bounce back eventually, but I cannot help and have some disdain towards him and the way he is treating Alfred. Some large event may be coming to get Bruce back on his Dark Knight path, but what could it be?

Penguin story arc – “I will find him, I will learn the name of my enemy, and there will be a reckoning“:

Sophia is throwing a fundraiser for the orphanage and Penguin lets her know that he will not be attending. Penguin is focusing his efforts on finding the mayor, who has apparently disappeared, and finding out who paid the mayor off to promote Gordon to captain. Penguin promises that there will be a reckoning once he finds out the name of the person who bribed the mayor. Penguin decides to use Martin, the orphan boy he has befriended, to spy on Sophia.  Sophia realizes that Penguin is suspicious of her and let’s Jim know.

Penguin decides to come to the fundraiser and sends Martin to begin his spying. Sophia tells Penguin that she thinks whoever had Gordon appointed Captain may have actually saved Penguin due to how bold his licensing crime initiative was. Penguin tells Sophia that if she wants to confess to it, she should go ahead and do that and just face the music. Fortunately for Sophia, Pyg makes his entrance at that moment, pausing that conversation.

After Jim saves the day, Penguin approaches Sophia and confronts her about paying the mayor off to make Jim captain. She admits to it and says she only did it because Penguin wouldn’t listen to her about not going through with the licensing program. Penguin warns Sophia to never betray him again. Penguin agrees to end the licensing program, but demands that Jim be replaced as captain of the GCPD. Sophia agrees and tells Penguin to choose Jim’s replacement. Jim visits Sophia that night and she kisses him. Luckily for Penguin, Martin happens to see this kiss and reports back to Penguin. Penguin vows to make Sophia pay for what she’s done.

My thoughts: Sophia has managed to delay the inevitable and talk her way out of every issue that has arisen with Penguin. I do not see how she will be able to talk her way out of this one. She has definitely been reckless with fraternizing with Jim and it was only a matter of time until Penguin found out. Penguin does not let betrayal go easily and this will be the last straw for Sophia. We will hopefully see what he has in store for her sooner rather than later. 

In two weeks on Gotham:

Unfortunately Gotham will be taking one Thanksgiving break next week so we have to wait two weeks to continue the fun. It is looking like Penguin has snapped and is trying to start a war. Jim is trying to interrogate Pyg, who seems to be enjoying the interactions, and Zsasz is back! Comment below and let me know what you thought about this week’s Gotham!