'Gotham' Recap Season 4, Episode 7 - 'A Day In The Narrows'

In this week's Gotham Pyg keeping up with his bloody crusade, Bruce is living it up, and Selina might finally get the family she's been looking for. The main current story lines from the show are:

Bruce story arc – “I think I’m going to try it out for a while“: 

Bruce is hosting a benefit at the Wayne Manor, but is clearly not himself. He is going through waves of being angry and then simply despondent. We see him snapping at Alfred and a waiter over nothing and it is clear that he is having a hard time dealing with the fallout of killing Ra’s. A former classmate of Bruce’s, Grace, comes to say hi and convinces him (easily) to leave the fundraiser. Bruce and Grace meet up with a few of her friends and they head to a club looking for an exciting evening. After some issues with the bouncer letting them inside, Bruce decides to just buy the club so they can get in – I imagine a nice tip for the bouncer would’ve sufficed, but this new Bruce we’re seeing decides to pull out all of the stops. We see Bruce partying it up with Grace and her friends, a stark contrast to the Bruce we have come to know from the show’s previous seasons.  

My thoughts: During the episode, we get an interesting look at the anger bubbling inside of Bruce. He is suffering from the decisions he has made to lead him up to this point. Bruce is transforming into the party boy Bruce Wayne – buying clubs, drinking heavily, dancing and making out with girls, and wanting to immediately resort to fighting to solve his problems. I am curious to see how this story arc plays out and what will happen to snap Bruce out of this and get him focused on his training and higher purpose again.

Professor Pyg story arc “I’ll bring justice to where there is justice no more”: 

Harvey is back to work after getting his neck cut by Professor Pyg and Jim immediately brings up the money he has been getting from Penguin. Luckily for Harvey, a delivery of 44 boxes (one for every officer in the GCPD) of severed pig heads arrives so he can avoid the conversation. It turns out there are 45 officers and Pyg gave the delivery men instructions to not give a box to Jim. Penguin shows up with his new security consultant “Head Hunter” to discuss how they can work together to rid Gotham of Pyg. Jim scoffs at the idea, but Harvey has already agreed – leading to further tension between the two. Jim pledges to arrest Pyg alive to bring him to justice before Penguin’s men can butcher him.

Harvey and Jim are informed that three officers have gone missing in the narrows. A large group of GCPD’s finest get to the spot just as Head Hunter and his men do. The two groups storm a building in the narrows side by side, much to Jim’s dismay. It doesn’t take long before Head Hunter takes it too far and threatens to kill a resident unless someone talks. Of course this doesn’t sit right with Jim and there is a giant standoff. Before bullets start flying, they get the information they are looking for – that Pyg took the officers in a Hearse driving down 7th street, heading west. They find two of the three officers with pig masks on, but Pyg and the third officer are still missing. One of those two officers is alive and Jim questions him for information – finding out that Pyg is planning something at the abandoned court house.   

Jim goes to take a look for himself, but Harvey has a different plan and sends reinforcements. The whole operation turns into a media circus with Penguin giving interviews to the press. Harvey wants Penguin’s men to go in first to take the brunt of Pyg’s fire before sending in the GCPD. Jim gets a call from Pyg warning him not to enter the court house and he tries to convince Harvey to call off the raid while Penguin argues to keep the plan as-is. In the end, Penguin makes the decision for them by sending his men to in and Harvey has the GCPD follow. Harvey loses his cool with Jim and orders him to stand down and wait outside. Pyg has indeed set up a trap with two machine gun turrets shooting from both exits at the GCPD, trapping them in a room. Jim grabs a grenade launcher and saves the day by blowing up both turrets, but not before Pyg’s plan takes down a large number of GCPD officers and Penguin’s men. Pyg calls Jim afterwards and lets him know he has a grand idea for the next step in his plan and he considers Jim his Muse.

My thoughts: Pyg has proven time and again that he is quite the formidable foe. He has a lot of tricks and deception he employs to confuse Jim and the GCPD. The fact that Harvey is allowing Penguin’s men to be a part of this, leading to a large degree of dysfunction, is only making Pyg’s job easier. It is looking like Pyg is planning quite the spectacle and I’m looking forward to seeing what the maniac has in store. Unfortunately, the rift between Harvey and Jim is only widening, heading towards a breaking point. I’m afraid it may have gone too far to ever reconcile again – and knowing how vital commissioner Gordon is to the DC universe, might spell bad things coming for Harvey.

Barbara, Selina, Tabitha story arc – “How about a parting lesson from big sis“: 

Barbara is shutting down shop now that Ra’s is not available to bankroll the operation. Selina wants to keep the operation going, but Barbara has no interest. Tabitha clearly has taken a liking to Selina and reassures her that the two of them will figure it out. Selina brushes this off and decides to take matters into her own hands, going to rob some thugs known as ‘The Demons.’ Selina gets trapped in the Demon’s garage and calls on Tabitha for help. Barbara ends up coming and saving the day, leading the three of them to decide to keep the business going and the good times rolling.

My thoughts: Selina again demonstrates that her lack of experience and inhibitions are still present and leading her into danger. Luckily for her, she has two ‘big sisters’ looking out for her now. This business partnership between Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina will definitely help aid in Selina’s growth and full transformation into Catwoman – which I know everyone is excited to see.
Next week on Gotham:

It is looking like a lot will be going down next week. Grundy is once again called to wrestle and this time Tabitha is in the audience and sees Butch as Grundy for the first time. Jim and Harvey continue to butt heads, but there is considerably more venom in the relationship than ever before with Harvey reminding Jim that “nothing in Gotham is free!” Oh, firefly is back! By the way, when are we going to see the new poison ivy!?