Funko Thor Battles Funko Loki In "Mjolnir Mischief" Animated Short

How is it we don't already have a full-length Funko Pop! Vinyl movie? Or a video game? Why does Lego get to have all of the fun? Thankfully, with the incredible popularity of Funko's fun-sized collectibles, that may be about to change. Marvel and Funko have teamed up on this animated short movie, titled "Mjolnir Mischief", featuring a comical battle between Asgardian siblings, Thor and Loki.

Awwwww, aren't they cute!?

This isn't the first time Marvel and Funko have teamed up on something like this. A couple of months ago they gave us the Guardians of the Galaxy short, "Cosmic Sleigh Ride", featuring Star-Lord, the Collector, Taserface, and Groot.

I will sit quietly over here and wait for the Black Panther one. There HAS to be a Black Panther one, right? And then an Avengers: Infinity War one, and then...