First Look At Bruce Willis In Chinese War Film 'The Bombing' With Mel Gibson's Art Direction

A couple of years ago we got some odd news, that Mel Gibson was broadening his horizons to include art direction on a big budget 3D Chinese film, The Bombing, starring Bruce Willis and directed by Xiao Feng. To be honest, it had completely slipped my mind and based on some of the other reports out there so did a lot of others. Well now we have the first image courtesy of THR, and...well, it's pretty bland.

The film is based on the bombing of Chongqing by the Japanese during WWII, which included 268 air raids between 1938 and 1943. Willis plays U.S. Air Force Commander Jack Johnson, who trained the Chinese forces under harrowing conditions. Fan Bingbing (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Nicholas Tse (Shaolin) co-star.

The plan is to sell the rights at the American Film Market, and I'm curious how much Gibson's name will be used as part of the package? I could see it attracting some of the Hacksaw Ridge crowd.