Ben Affleck Still Playing Coy About His Future As Batman

Oh, Ben. We already know your future as Batman. The only one who doesn't want to admit is Affleck himself. The actor has been dodging and weaving questions about it for months, as the solo gig he once had suddenly got yanked out from under him by director Matt Reeves, and even this his own brother Casey Affleck thinks he's finished after Justice League. But here he is playing coy once again when asked by Extra TV if he'll be sticking around for all five of the movies he's signed up for...

For those without the patience to wait 1:50, he said “I don’t know about that. We’ll see what the future holds."

Come on, man.

To be fair, he can't really say anything definitive right now while on press tour. If he did that would be the only thing he or his co-stars would get asked about the entire time and it would overshadow the movie. But as you can see, not answering the question only leads to more questions.

I think he and Warner Bros. are waiting to see how Justice League performs to decide what happens next, but to me the proof is in the pudding. Affleck moved his next directorial project Red Platoon over to Sony, and directing is where his passion is.