'Basmati Blues' Trailer: Brie Larson Pimps Rice In India

Somebody somewhere really thinks the misadventures of well-to-do white people in foreign lands is still funny, because they keep making those movies. The latest, the horribly-titled Basmati Blues, features Oscar winner Brie Larson, in a film that looks pretty unfortunate and beneath her.

Directed by Dan Baron (??), the film stars Larson as a scientist in India to sell her genetically modified rice to farmers. Sweet! Stale fish-out-of-water, culture clash humor, that Pitch Perfect dude Utkarsh Ambudkar and GMOs! And Scott Bakula!  Who wouldn't sign up for this one?

Also starring Donald Sutherland and Tyne Daly with original music by Pearl Jam (Sold!!!), Basmati Blues...well, it'll probably open someday, but right now it has no distributor and thus no release date. Then again, Larson couldn't sell The Glass Castle or Free Fire, so maybe we won't see this one in theaters at all.  I imagine it would be pretty problematic if it did.