'24' May Return As A Legal Thriller With Female Lead

Fox just won't quit on 24. The long-running series that saw Kiefer Sutherland dispatching terrorists and saving the world in a single day was brought back a few years ago in a simplified form, then rebooted recently with Corey Hawkins as a different hero. While the series was well-received, the ratings weren't enough to continue forward in the same format. So Fox has decided to try again in a completely new way that sounds like the beginnings of an anthology format.

24 exec-producers Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer, along with The Killing writer Jeremy Doner are in the early stages of developing a new version of the series that will follow a female prosecutor as she tries to save a death row inmate from execution by revealing a legal conspiracy. Something tells me if this is a success we'll see 24 go the route of American Horror Story, presenting different "ticking clock" scenarios each season.

It's a bold move, and I'm curious to see how it plays out. But check this out....what if the death row inmate was Jack Bauer? [Deadline]