X-23 Creator Working With James Mangold On 'Logan' Spinoff

Yesterday we got the news that a Logan spinoff centering on Laura aka X-23 was in the works with director James Mangold. It's still in the very early script stages, but there's already reason to have confidence. Craig Kyle, who created X-23 for the X-Men: Evolution animated series before writing her in the pages of Marvel Comics, will be working with Mangold on the story treatment.

Kyle tweeted his excitement about yesterday's news...

What Kyle doesn't do is tell us how Laura will be brought back. Will she be part of the current continuity alongside the young team of X-Men? Or will her solo movie be set in the same future timeline as Logan?

A mature-themed film in the vein of the NYX comic X-23 starred in would be keeping with the same tone as Logan, and audiences seemed to dig it. Here's hoping they don't go too far into superheroics and try to retain some of that R-rated edge that worked so well before.