'Venom' Adds 'Only The Brave' And 'Child Of God' Star Scott Haze In Mystery Role

Sony's Venom movie, the one that takes place in a cinematic universe with no Spider-Man in it, begins shooting in about a month, and some of the final casting choices are being cemented. The latest to join Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, and Reid Scott is Scott Haze, who can be seen in this week's Only the Brave.

Haze had his breakout role a few years ago in James Franco's adaptation of Child of God, and I had a chance to meet him at the time. He's come a long way since, having also appeared in Midnight Special and the upcoming war drama Thank You For Your Service. As for his role in Venom, that's being kept under wraps leading many to speculate that he'll play the alien symbiote, Carnage, but then everybody cast has been speculated for that role. Do we even know that Carnage is in the movie? Or could Marvel be saving him for a Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel?

Ruben Fleischer will be behind the camera for Venom, which opens October 5th 2018. [THR]