Tyrese Has Beef With Dwayne Johnson Over 'Fast 9' Delay

Tyrese better know his role and shut his mouth! Yesterday we learned that Fast & Furious 9 was being delayed by a year to April 19th 2020. While we weren't given a reason why, it might have to do with Universal wanting to squeeze their Dwayne Johnson/Jason Statham spinoff into the 2019 slot. And it seems the very idea of that has angered Tyrese Gibson, who has taken a page from the Roman Pearce playbook and started talking trash.

He hit up Instagram flat out blamed Johnson and producer Hiram Garcia for the delay, boasting that he knew all along they'd be the ones to break up the franchise's tight-knit crew. Daaaaaammmmmmn!

He knows half those actors in the second image are long gone, right? Like long gone before Johnson ever showed up?

Anyway, this is on top of the beef Johnson already has with Vin Diesel, which is why you never saw Hobbs or Dom share screen time in Fate of the Furious. It's also probably why Universal moved on a spinoff so quickly, to keep their two heavyweight stars under the same umbrella, but not necessarily in the same movie.

I don't know if Tyrese is just shooting his mouth off or not, and really it doesn't matter. The fact is Johnson took this franchise to the next level, so maybe there's a bit of sour grapes there. These movies are like printing money and there is no end in sight as long as internal squabbles don't fuck it up. That's the course they seem to be traveling on right now, though, and somebody at Universal might want to step in.