The Skrulls Could First Appear In 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix', Not 'Captain Marvel'

While we had expected the alien Skrulls to make their first live-action appearance in Captain Marvel, since that was the announcement made at Comic-Con earlier this year, it may not actually be the case. A new rumor that should be taken with a heap of salt suggests they'll first battle Charles Xavier's mutant charges in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

The rumor comes from Universo X-Men, so like I said, judge accordingly.  They claim a scene takes place at the United Nations in which Xavier, Jean, Cyclops, and Magneto are discussing mutant rights, only to be attacked by aliens that aren't the Shi'ar like we thought. Instead they turn out to be the shape-shifting Skrulls. This would be a variation on the classic "Dark Phoenix" storyline, and a strange move that would bend those character-sharing rules between 20th Century Fox and Marvel.

The Skrulls are pretty much fair game since they are enemies to basically the entire Marvel Universe, but this would mark the second time Marvel and Fox have used the same characters at roughly the same time. Two different versions of Quicksilver, one played by Evan Peters and another by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, hit the big screen in separate movies for the studios.  And if you think it didn't cause confusion, ask me how many times I was asked how Quicksilver could be dead in one movie but alive in the other. Back to the Skrulls, I think specific members of their race, like Kl'lrt the Super Skrull, belong to Fox exclusively.

This has me thinking of that X-Men storyline when Xavier heads off into space to lead Cadre K, a team of Skrull heroes. No real significance here, just something that came to mind. Maybe if Fox wants to write off James McAvoy they can send Xavier into space? I don't know.

This might all be for nothing, so let's hope for more concrete information soon. X-Men: Dark Phoenix opens November 2nd 2018.