The DCEU Is Back To Being "100% Connected"

You know things are screwy over at DC Films because every statement needs to be followed by clarification. The reason is nobody seems to know exactly what is going on over there, with some movies part of the DCEU and others outside of it. If the filmmakers themselves are confused, how do you think audiences will be? A couple of days ago  Geoff Johns said there would be less emphasis on continuity for the films following Justice League. We already knew about a separate label for standalone movies, like the Joker prequel directed by Todd Phillips.  Well now Johns has reversed course in a tweet to a distraught fan...
When our post on the previous comments ran, I tried to stay as measured as possible while other sites said the DCEU was finished. That was clearly never what Johns was saying, just that not all of their movies would reference one another in the way many of Marvel's do.

The issue that I had then and continue to have now is making it clear for audiences which movies connect and which don't. I still think that will be a major issue, and we'll see a much larger box office for the movies that are part of the DCEU.

So this explains why Matt Reeves said one day that The Batman would be a standalone effort, only to change his mind the next day and say it was part of the DCEU. Let's get it together, people.