SNL: Ryan Gosling Really Hates The 'Avatar' Papyrus Font

With James Cameron finally shooting on his Avatar sequels, which are looking to be the most expensive movies of all-time, one sketch during the season premiere of Saturday Night Live was particularly timely. While the episode was hit or miss like most SNL episodes are, one of the best sketches had host Ryan Gosling as a man infuriated by Avatar. Or more accurately, he was angry Cameron chose the "papyrus" font for the title logo.

That's it. That's the joke. Gosling is just really mad about such a trivial thing, and it's incredibly funny because he plays it so straight. His face when he learns there are sequels coming and they use the same font is hilarious.

Gosling turned out to be a fun host, especially since he broke character in every single live sketch and got an ovation when it happened.