'Only The Brave' Trailer: An All-Star Cast Battles Wildfires

Sony really wants us to remember that Only the Brave is coming out later this month, though I would offer them a bit of advice. They would have had a much easier time if they had stuck with the original title, Granite Mountain Hotshots, which just sounds killer. Also, it would be a more direct way to honor the firefighters who tragically lost their lives in the 2013 Arizona wildfires.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, the film boasts an incredible cast that includes Josh Brolin, Miles Teller,Jeff Bridges, James Badge Dale, Ben Hardy, Geoff Stults, Taylor Kitsch, Scott Haze, and Jennifer Connelly. It tracks the elite group of firefighters who battled to the last man against the Yamel Hill Fire.

It definitely looks solid, and since they don't really do firefighter movies much anymore let's hope it delivers. Only the Brave opens October 20th.