New Teaser For Chance The Rapper's Pizza-Themed Horror, 'Slice'

If seeing those Chance the Rapper commercials for Kit-Kat a million times has made you want to break off more than a Kit-Kat bar, then tough times may be ahead. Not only will Chance be hosting SNL on November 18th, but he's also got a new horror movie on the way titled Slice. And since it hails from taste-making distributor A24 it's one we should be keeping an eye on.

After teasing the film about a year ago, Halloween is the perfect day to drop a new peek.  Using simple animation and a spooky synth score, the teaser reveals Chance's co-stars: Deadpool 2 and Atlanta's Zazie Beetz, along with comedian Paul Scheer. Behind the camera is music video director Austin Vesely, who shot the film quietly in Chicago.  The story stars Chance as an outlaw framed for a killing spree that targets pizza delivery boys. That explains the "Line Rider"-esque teaser, doesn't it?

Slice should arrive in theaters next year.