'Luke Cage' Season 2 First Look: Iron Fist Is So Ready To Be Punched

Alright alright, calm down. Just because Finn Jones's Iron Fist was the least interesting character in his own series, and then was the most irritating thing about The Defenders, it doesn't mean he's going to ruin Luke Cage. That's been the instant sentiment to the newly-released photos that reveal Iron Fist will appear in Cage's second season.

They're Power Man & Iron Fist, the coolest duo of best buds in the entire Marvel Universe. He HAD to show up, didn't he? And hey, at least he cut that douchey hairdo.  And he looks like he's about to take a Mike Colter right cross to the dome piece in this photo. I bet he's saying something totally self-righteous, just askin' for it.

Do we need to know anything else about Luke Cage season two? Not really. Let's just hope it's good, because I think all of these Marvel shows will be headed to Disney's streaming service in a couple years. The series returns to Netflix in 2018. [EW]