Loyalty Is Tested In New Trailer For 'Star Wars Rebels' Season Four

Excuse me, I'm over here still in mourning over the final season of Star Wars Rebels. The fourth and final season begins in just a couple of weeks, and teasers for it have promised an epic finale as the Rebellion clashes head-on with the Empire. It'll be sad to say goodbye (more likely "seeya later") to the Ghost crew, but it looks like they are going out with a bang in this latest trailer.

If the series has been about Ezra's evolution from Force-sensitive loner into a potential Jedi, this may be where we finally see him step up and take charge. There doesn't seem to be the same pull towards the Dark Side that we've seen before, perhaps because Darth Maul is out of the way. We also see a greater presence by the Mandalorians, who became a huge factor last season when Sabine made up with her clan. Hera promised to help them in the future, and the first two episodes of this season are titled "Heroes of Mandalore", suggesting she will make good on that promise pretty quickly.

Star Wars Rebels returns for its fourth and final season on Monday, October 16th on Disney XD.