Keanu Reeves Goes Cloning In First Trailer For 'Replicas'

Keanu Reeves headed back to New York Comic-Con this weekend, and while he wasn't there to hype another John Wick movie as he's done previously, he did have a new film to promote. That would be the sci-fi film Replicas, which casts Reeves as a scientist trying to create life rather than as a hitman who takes them.

Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Traitor), the film stars as a neuro-scientist whose family is killed in a tragic accident. Using advanced cloning technology, he creates new bodies for them and transfers their consciousness, bringing them back to life. That sounds brilliant. Surely nothing can go wrong with that, right? Thomas Middleditch plays his friend and assistant, who is having trouble with the morality and ethics of what they're doing.

Also starring Alice Eve, Emjay Anthony, Emily Alyn Lind, and John Ortiz, Replicas is shooting now and will probably arrive next year.