'Justice League' Success Could Decide The Fate Of 'Flashpoint'

There's a lot riding on the success of Justice League in a couple of weeks. If Warner Bros. wants to hold on to the good will (and massive box office) generated by Wonder Woman, they'll need to prove they've got this whole superhero thing figured out.  And judging by a new rumor, one of their major projects won't move forward until Justice League is a proven hit.

Justin Kroll revealed on the Meet the Movie Press show that Warner Bros. is slowing down their search for a Flashpoint director until they've got the response to Justice League. Hard to argue with that logic, and I actually commend them for it. The Flash's solo movie, which was revealed to be titled Flashpoint at last summer's Comic-Con, has had difficult getting a director to stick around. Seth Grahame-Smith had the reins initially, but he left and Rick Famuyiwa took over, only for him to exit as well. While there have been a few names mentioned as replacements nobody has been signed, and it may be a while before that happens.

We should also factor in that Ezra Miller's version of the Flash is going to be a prominent character in Justice League, and if audiences don't respond to him there then moving forward on a movie would be a bad idea. Makes sense to wait until after November 17th to see what happens.