Hulu's 'Future Man' Debuts Hilarious Trailer at NYCC

The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson has seemingly gotten himself into something I can really get behind with the upcoming series Future Man premiering on Hulu November 14th. Hutcherson plays Josh Futterman, a janitor for a lab who feels he should be doing something more with his lift. Luckily for him he's also a serious gamer and, after beating his latest game, is greeted by travelers from the future who have come to help him save the world since he proved his worth in the game. Yes, it's the plot of Flight of the Navigator, Yes, they acknowledge that in the trailer. What follows is a mixture of Ready Player One and  Hot Tub Time Machine that looks like it is a cult and/or pop culture classic waiting to happen. I knew nothing of this series before checking out the trailer but this just jumped to the top of my TV waiting list! Check out the trailer below!!