'Geostorm' May Be One Of The Year's Biggest Disasters

Geostorm, the ridiculous action flick where Gerard Butler battles extreme weather, turned out to be a manmade disaster last weekend. The film only mustered up about $14M domestically and $66M worldwide, which may not sound bad, but Warner Bros. has reason for concern. They may have a serious box office flop on their hands.

According to The Wrap, Geostorm could lose Warner Bros. and other investors $100M or more when all is said and done. The Dean Devlin-directed flick had already cost about $120M when it was delayed in order to tack on an additional $15M worth of reshoots. Factoring in the cost of marketing and the trade says about $300M-$350M is the break even point, and it's not going to get anywhere near that, even with a China release.

Gerard Butler will survive this. He's had other flops, but he comes back with the occasional hit like Olympus Has Fallen so he'll be okay. Next up for him is the heist flick Den of Thieves, which just dropped its first trailer. Smaller movie, yes, but you won't get stories like this if it fails. It'll just quietly be forgotten.  As for Devlin, he might want to stick to writing/producing his buddy Roland Emmerich's disaster flicks. At least they make money.