Gal Gadot & Christian Bale Eyed For Justin Kurzel's Nazi Thriller, 'Ruin'

For director Justin Kurzel, going with A-list stars has proven to be a mixed bag. After breaking out with The Snowtown Murders, he cast Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard in both Macbeth and Assassin's Creed. He found success with the former and a big fat disappointing dud with the latter. But that hasn't dissuaded him from eyeing bigger names for his projects, as Gal Gadot and Christian Bale are being eyed for his war film, Ruin.

Gadot hasn't had much time to do anything outside of Wonder Woman and Justice League, but she is reportedly in talks to join Ruin, a post-WWII thriller about a former Nazi captain hunting down the members of his old SS Death Squad.  Christian Bale is being eyed to take the lead role, while Gadot's part is unclear at this point. The script comes from Matthew and Ryan Firpo.

A start date won't be nailed down until the stars are on board, but the plan is to begin in early 2018, which should give Bale time to wind down after playing Dick Cheney in Adam McKay's biopic. Gadot also has a role opposite Bradley Cooper in Deeper, the supernatural thriller penned by Max Landis.  [THR]