Gabrielle Union To Star In 'Bad Boys' Spinoff TV Series

As it's looking less certain that Bad Boys 3 aka Bad Boys for Life will ever happen, an interesting way to keep the franchise alive has emerged. Gabrielle Union is looking to reprise her Bad Boys II role as Special Agent Sydney “Syd” Burnett in a new Bad Boys spinoff TV series. Er, sure. Why not?

The series would have The Blacklist duo Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier writing the scripts, springboarding off an idea by Union's management team. If this gets green lit they can expect a healthy raise, I'm sure. The timing works because Union's long-running series Being Mary Jane is wrapping up with a two-hour movie next year.

Interest in Union's new show is said to be pretty high, which isn't surprising. There's always the chance somebody involved in the movies shows up. Jerry Bruckheimer will probably have something to do with it; maybe Joe Carnahan can direct an episode or two, and what's Martin Lawrence doing that he can't make a cameo or two?  [Deadline]