Drake Doremus' 'Newness' Trailer: Nicholas Hoult Looks For Love After A Hookup

It seems like we go through this every couple of years with Drake Doremus movies that screen at Sundance. They premiere, get modest buzz, then take forever to actually be released. I almost forgot Breathe In existed before it finally got a release, and I've been waiting anxiously for information on Newness since I attended a select screening of it back in January. It may be Doremus' strongest film since Like Crazy, which is why the lack of news has been frustrating. Well now we know when it will finally be made available, thanks to the debuting trailer.

Nicholas Hoult and the terrific Laia Costa (Who was absolutely great in Victoria a couple of years ago) star in this modern look at dating in the age of hookup apps. The title refers to the "newness" we all seek on apps like Tinder, which encourage us to keep looking even when we are already in a comfortable relationship. Hoult plays a pharmacist who begins a relationship with a girl he meets on a hookup app called Winx (Which needs to be built pronto), and it isn't long before they are tested by the desire for something more exciting.

Newness will hit VOD on November 3rd, and it's worth checking out. You can find my review here.