Bradley Cooper Offered Vince McMahon Role In 'Pandemonium'

If you thought for even half a second that Vince McMahon would let some ham & egger play him in a movie, then clearly you don't know the size of that man's ego. A few months ago we learned a biopic on McMahon titled Pandemonium was in the works from Crazy Stupid Love and This Is Us duo John Requa and Glenn Ficarra. Now today we're learning from PWInsider which A-lister has been offered the lead role: Bradley Cooper.

Apparently the plan was to get an A-list star on the project in order to give it some legitimacy, and that seems like a reasonable idea. Since WWE Studios is involved with it now, and there are reports of major changes to Craig Williams' script, of course it will be seen as a film merely to make the boss happy. I don't think anybody is expecting a warts and all "destroy the competition" look at his rise to wrestling supremacy, but casting someone like Cooper could change that.  The offer was made some weeks back but at this point there's no indication whether he will accept.

Cooper has actually spent time on WWE television in the past. He was on hand some years back to promote The A-Team, and he showed up for like two seconds while Sharlto Copley and Rampage Jackson got most of the screen time. In fact, I just referenced this episode a few days ago, because my attention almost always steers back into wrestling.