Box Office: Madea Scares Up the Top Spot?

1. Tyler Perry's Boo 2! : A Madea Halloween- $21.6M
Sadly no, that is not a real question...it's a simple fact. Tyler Perry's Boo 2! : A Madea Halloween has beaten Happy Death Day from the top spot just 9 days from Halloween. Not just a Madea movie, but a Madea movie sequel. God Bless Tyler Perry, say what you will but the man knows how to capture the box office every time he releases one of these flicks. I respect his ability to put out box office winner after winner, but being a Halloween fanatic it really hurts on a personal level when a true horror movie isn't winning the month. I guess it could be worse, we could have another holiday-centric rom-com winning the day.....just imagine, Halloween Day starring Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Anne Hathaway, and Josh Duhamel, this Halloween scare up your soulmate! God help us.
2. Geostorm- $13.3M
Nothing surprising to see here. The Gerard Butler starring weather gone crazy flick did not fair well. Though the chance of recovering it's budget is as far fetched as the films plot, it still managed to take the number 2 spot. Honestly....I thought it would do worse.
3.  Happy Death Day - $9.3M/$40.6M
Happy Death Day, last week's top grosser slid down two spots to #3 being a Blumhouse film the drop isn't hurting the films business as it's already made it's budget back four times over. Jason Blum really needs to teach a class, it's ok to put out original films Hollywood you just need to learn to stop overspending on things that don't increase the quality of the film!
4. Blade Runner 2049- $7.1M/$74M
While much has been made of it's initial failure the follow up to the iconic sci-fi cult classic has managed to rake in close to 75 million domestic. Just about half it's budget which usually would not be a good thing, but seeing as how it's over-performing overseas they could just get out of the red on this one still.
5. Only the Brave- $6M
Barely making the top 5 the Josh Brolin, Miles Teller true story based on the Granite Mountain Hotshots failed to take hold, cashing in just $6 million dollars on 2,500 screens
6. The Foreigner- $5.4M/$22.8M
7. IT- $3.5/$320M
8. The Snowman- $3.4M
9. American Made- $3.1M/$45.5M
10. Kingsman: The Golden Circle- $3M/$94.5M