Arnold Schwarzenegger Says New 'Terminator' Will Simplify The Franchise

Reboots, remakes, sequels...they are an accepted part of life for the movie fan, and there's really nothing that can be done about it. You either roll with seeing your favorites revisited, or shut your eyes, plug your ears, and pretend they aren't happening. Terminator fans in particular seem to have had enough of James Cameron's once-vaunted franchise. It's been on the skids really since 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and failed in the most recent reboot attempt with Terminator Genisys.

Recently we learned that a new trilogy was in the works, one that would bring Cameron back into the fold as a producer with Deadpool's Tim Miller directing. Also coming back is Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800, which is still clanking around somehow, and Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. Okay cool, but so what? Why should we care now? Speaking with Business Insider, Arnold says this new film will help correct the franchise's worst mistakes...

"I think [James] Cameron and Tim [Miller] came up with a concept where they can continue on with the T-800 but make a whole new movie. What they are doing now with this one is basically to just take a few very basic characters, like Linda Hamilton’s character and my character, and dismiss everything else. Just move away from all these rules of the timeline and other characters."

He added that “It’s hard to come up with new ideas when you stay within that framework", and he's probably right. I'm not sure a continuity free-for-all is the best route either, but certainly I can't complain about simplifying things. What's the worst that can happen? They make another bad movie and have to start over again?

The new Terminator hits theaters July 26th 2019.