'Wonder Woman' Writer Jason Fuchs Boards Sony's 'Robotech'

Before It broke records as the top horror debut ever, Andy Muschietti boarded Sony's forever-developing Robotech movie. Considering the length of time and the number of names previously attached, I don't know if anybody took it too seriously. And with It's success and a followup confirmed to be on the way, Muschietti's status would seem to be more tenuous than ever. But apparently it's not, because the anime adaptation has taken another step forward and Muschietti is still around.

Deadline reports Wonder Woman co-writer Jason Fuchs has come on to pen the live-action Robotech alongside Muschietti. That at least tells us that Sony and Muschietti are dedicated to making this happen, even if it will have to wait until Muschietti is less busy than he is right now. As for Fuchs, he's both an actor and writer, finding much greater success with the latter. Besides Wonder Woman he also wrote Joe Wright's Pan, which was pretty awful, and co-wrote Ice Age: Continental Drift, which is perfectly fine for the kiddies.  Combined they've made studios close to $2B, and I guarantee you that number is somewhere on his resume right now.  Possibly also on his resume is his small role in La La Land.

Fuchs and Muschietti will be developing the project from scratch, but hopefully that doesn't mean they'll change what Robotech is all about. It takes place in a future when a giant alien ship crashlands on Earth, and humans use its technology to create incredible weapons and vehicles. The most famous of these are the Veritech fighters, specifically the VF-1 Valkyrie, a jet that transforms into a combat robot.