'The Leisure Seeker' Trailer: Helen Mirren & Donald Sutherland Go On A Road Trip

As we go barreling into the awards season, a film like The Leisure Seeker that stars Oscar winner Helen Mirren and Golden Globe winner Donald Sutherland should catch a lot of attention. Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of talk about it coming out of Venice where it premiered, but maybe that will change now with the release of it first trailer.

The screen legends hit the road as aging married couple Ella and John, who flee their stifling lives for one last road trip in their old rust bucket of a camper, the titular "leisure seeker."  As John's memory begins to fade, the journey from Boston to Key West becomes about embracing their zest for life and love for one another.

Paolo Virzi (Human Capital) directs based on the novel by Michael Zadoorian. The lack of buzz is concerning, but this looks like a real charmer from two of Hollywood's greats. The Leisure Seeker opens January 19th 2018.